13 restaurants in Milan that have reinvented themselves with delivery

13 restaurants in Milan that have reinvented themselves with delivery

Not just pizza and sushi: in Milan many high-level restaurants have decided to try their hand at delivery, reinventing their culinary offer.

Until recently, home deliveries were reserved for Asian pizzerias and restaurants. It happened for several reasons, including a very important one: pizza, Cantonese rice and sashimi suffer little from transport.there are many high-level restaurants that try their hand at deliveryDishes with more complex textures or with more delicate ingredients, from simple pasta with tomato sauce to risotto, up to fried in batter, risk overcooking, falling apart, becoming irretrievably cold and mushy. In 2020, however, delivery has become an obligatory choice. In Milan in particular, in the center of the red zone during the first and second waves of the pandemic, restaurant halls have been closed for months – and it is not possible to predict when they will reopen and with what restrictions. Many have therefore begun to reinvent their way of cooking, based on take-away and home deliveries .


  1. Among those who have reinvented themselves there are some traditional restaurants: first of all the Trattoria del Nuovo Macello , which today allows you to order dinner (and roast chicken for Sunday lunch) from its website. The menu includes traditional recipes such as saffron saffron risotto, tongue in green sauce, mondeghili and vitello tonnato: the novelty is that all courses are delivered cold, in vacuum packs or in special trays, ready to be regenerated in the home cooking. 
  2. A slightly more complex approach is that of Andrea Provenzani, chef at Liberty in viale Monte Grappa. In the pages of the website reserved for orders for delivery, each dish is accompanied by detailed instructions to complete the preparation: the red wine shallot tarte tatin must, for example, be heated in the oven for 5 minutes and completed with the walnut and walnut topping. gorgonzola. The menu is short but varied, from fish soup to walnut crumble, including the bread basket. 
  3. The Erba Brusca , a restaurant known for its vegetable garden which serves as a setting and pantry, also offers deliveries throughout Milan of dishes that must be heated and served. But in this case the menu is fixed: five savory courses and a dessert that change from week to week, and which can be accompanied with wines, condiments or other gastronomic items. Particular is the possibility of ordering the Farmer’s box: a box of seasonal products from the Erba Brusca garden and from the restaurant’s suppliers. 
  4. Marco Ambrosino, chef of the 28-seater restaurant , instead opted for a radical restyling of the menu: ” We have never considered bringing the same and identical restaurant dishes home, also because they are two totally different experiences. . Rather, we tried to give a personal interpretation to those dishes that are well suited for take-away “. And so the menu now includes ready-made sauces to season pasta prepared on the stove at home, grilled chicken and side dishes that are well suited to take away, focaccia and sandwiches with seasonal fillings. For those who prefer to be guided, the menu for a full dinner is also available, accompanied by a bottle of wine.
  5. Fresh pasta and ready-made sauces also appear in the Nebbia delivery menu : from via Evangelista Torricelli passatelli, agnolotti del plin, porcini and chanterelle ragout and smoked ham broth can reach almost any area of ​​Milan. In addition to pasta, revisited classics such as horse supplì and mondeghili of mora romagnola, tripe all’amatriciana or with kimchi and lasagna in four different variations.
  6. Particular , in via Tiraboschi, instead offers the recipe boxes: each box contains all the ingredients, in some cases pre-cooked, to prepare high quality dishes at home. There are also the low-temperature cooked beef cheek, the tagliolini with pumpkin cream, bacon and bitter cocoa, and even the parmesan risotto with raw shrimp. To the order you can add wines from the cellar, gin and rum, fresh fish and delicatessen items.
  7. Even the Manna , in the forecourt of the Provisional Government, has radically changed its offer. As during the spring lockdown, Matteo Fronduti’s restaurant today proposes itself in the guise of suburban gastronomy : dishes that are easy to preserve but always with the touch of the chef, from broccoli cream to boiled tongue, whitetain, cotechino and head. Orders are made over the phone and are collected exclusively at the restaurant. 
  8. Gastronomy is also the key word for Eugenio Boer, who has recently re-launched [bu: r] at home . “ We want to bring a little bit of what we are into people’s homes, sharing with them what comfort food means to us, all at affordable prices. Traditional recipes and tastes that know what we know best ”, explained the chef and his partner and collaborator Carlotta Perilli. The menu, which varies day by day, can include tortellini in capon broth, cod and polenta or stewed beef.
  9. Some places, giving up the physicality of the room, have preferred to associate the kitchens: this is the case of BA NA NE United Delivery , the temporary project that brings together Immorale , Bites and Alain Locatelli . The proposals for delivery and take away range throughout the day, from the tray of sweets for breakfast to the complete kit for brunch, up to the classics of gastronomy, such as creamed cod or the most original pigeon and butter tortelli salty with black truffle. There is also pizza, to be seasoned and completed in the home oven. 
  10. God Save The Food has instead decided to focus on healthy foods. In addition to including the dishes usually served in the different locations of the restaurant (from the club sandwich with baked potato to the wok of chicken, shrimp and vegetables, with particular attention to the proposals for brunch) the delivery will be enriched in the coming days with the courses studied by Stefania Sanfelice , expert in natural cooking. The new dishes, available from the end of November, promise to contain vegetable and healthy ingredients, suitable for stimulating the immune system but above all tasty. 
  11. The most famous chefs are not lacking in the delivery proposal in Milan. The kitchen of Carlo Cracco ‘s restaurant is currently closed, but the relative café remains active for deliveries in a large part of the municipality of Milan: from the surroundings of the Duomo to the semi-periphery it is possible to open the door to a delivery boy who delivers club sandwiches and veal tuna sauce, but also more elaborate dishes such as sautéed rice with beef ragout, soft egg with radicchio, chestnut and escarole or pizza according to Cracco .
  12. Claudio Sadler instead brought together the proposals of the homonymous gourmet restaurant and the modern Chic ‘n Quick restaurant. The dishes are delivered ready-to-eat, after a home-made finish : the menu includes classics such as yellow rice and Milanese ossobuco, as well as some more unusual dishes, including tripe with stewed thistles and puffed rice. During the weekend, special offers are discovered, such as the white truffle menu with egg yolk ravioli with herbs, thistle tart, chestnut cream caramel. 
  13. Finally, Pietro Leemann continues to offer Joia’s vegetarian and vegan specialties in Joia’s new role : Haute cuisine at home . The choice is divided into two tasting menus, with dishes that can also be ordered individually. As an alternative to dinner, you can opt for an aperitif: twenty-five snacks for two people, to be accompanied with a bottle selected by the sommelier Antonio Di Mora. 

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