12 food challenges that are popular on the web

12 food challenges that are popular on the web

Challenges to the last cracker or the last spicy chicken wing: discover all the rules and characteristics of the most famous food challenges on the web.

Food is the big trend of the moment, not only in our daily life, on TV and in newspapers, but also on the web . Documentaries on streaming platforms, bloggers and youtubers , images, recipes, discussions, there is something for everyone, even when it comes to competitions . Yes, because the fashion of the moment is the food challenge, the challenges focused on food shared on social networks. Competitions of all kinds published on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, sometimes sponsored on the net to attract people to a certain venue and, of course, promote it. It all started in the late 90s on American university campuses but with the advent of the internet these competitions have increased and today they can involve people from all over the world. Have we intrigued you? So let’s discover the most famous food challenges.


  1. Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge : This game originated in South Korea as a battle of instant spicy noodles, called buldak ramen . They had to be finished as quickly as possible. Many started uploading videos to Youtube showing their fiery test, thus sparking a worldwide competition. If you are really tough, you can try the atomic version with one of the hottest instant foods in the world, Nuclear Hot Chicken Ramen. Keep a glass of milk close at hand to soothe your burning mouth.
  2. Giant Gyoza : from Korea to Japan. Just think that this competition started offline 45 years ago in the Kagurazaka Hanten restaurant in Tokyo. The idea was to attract more customers with the excuse of competition, an idea that was successful and that, not only continues today, but is also popular with amazing videos on the web. They come from all over the world to compete with this mega  gyoza , a Japanese dumpling stuffed with pork. It weighs almost 2.5 kg and is now one of the tourist attractions of the city. Alternatively, you can try your hand at the  100 Gyoza Challenge which involves eating 100 classic-sized ravioli. We don’t know what is best …
  3. Saltine cracker challenge : it was one of the first competitions. What does it consist of? In eating 6 salty crackers in 60 seconds without the help of water or any other liquid. You can put them in your mouth all together, two by two, individually… the important thing is that, when the time runs out, you have swallowed everything without choking. Having said that it seems easy but those who have tried it, declare that the company is far from obvious. In fact, crackers dry the mouth, decrease salivation and, despite the fact that a minute to chew is not a little, it seems impossible to swallow the bite. On Youtube you will also find professionals who prove to be able to devour even 9, 11 and even 15.
  4. Cinnamon challenge : another historic challenge that involves eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without drinking water. As you can see from the different attempts shared on social networks, the race is quite difficult and risky. The spice dries the mouth and causes coughing, mouth irritation, breathing difficulties, nausea, asthma and, in severe cases, serious lung damage. The aroma of cinnamon is in fact derived from a chemical compound called cinnamic aldehyde which, in high doses, is irritating and toxic for our body. Some then prefer to have fun with a more sedate version or with a spoonful of flour, the  Flour Challenge, but there is always a risk of inhaling this powdery ingredient which will inevitably end up in the lungs.
  5. Chubby Bunny Challenge : a race to do absolutely in company. What does it consist of? You start by putting a single marshmallow in your mouth without chewing it. The player must then say the magic phrase: “ chubby bunny “. This continues until you can no longer put marshmallows in your mouth or say “ chubby bunny ”. It looks like the current world record is 13 gummy treats, but be careful if you are going to try to beat it… the risk of this game is choking.
  6. Lemon Challenge : among so many absurd stories and competitions, this is certainly interesting and a happy ending. The challenge was in fact born to support the fight against a particularly aggressive childhood brain tumor, the intrinsic diffuse gliomas of the bridge. It is necessary to eat a nice slice of lemon, record the video, share it on social networks challenging some friends to do the same and finally make a donation to the Aubreigh’s Army association, dedicated to a girl suffering from this disease.  On social media you will also find less altruistic versions of this lemon challenge . In fact, some dare to eat a lemon without making faces or to eat more in a given time.
  7. Hot Wing Challenge : a race to the last breath launched by the Buffalo Wild Wings chain. You have to eat 12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes. How spicy? The sauce they are coated with is 60 times stronger than a jalepeño pepper! Many Youtubers accepted the challenge and the First We Feast channel recently involved famous people in a similar competition, from singer Noel Gallagher to actors Shia LaBeouf or Idris Elba. In this case there is no time limit but the artists must eat, during an interview, fins sprinkled with different and increasingly spicy sauces. In the end it seems really difficult to stay focused on the questions …
  8. Ghost Pepper Challenge : This hot competition has been viral since 2012. How to play? Just eat one of the hottest peppers in the world, the Ghost pepper or Bhut jolokia or snake pepper, more than a million degrees on the Scoville scale which classifies the spiciness of these ingredients. It is more challenging than the famous Habanero  and is native to India. There have been cases of people going to the emergency room for this competition but it is less dangerous than others, especially if you are already used to this type of flavors.
  9. Smoothie Challenge : a challenge to the last smoothie. It looks like a harmless race but there is a catch. First you select (or ask fans on social networks to choose) pleasant ingredients and the same number of raw materials, however, disgusting for this type of recipe. Finally, the ingredients that will eventually be inserted into the fateful blender are drawn. It is blended and, in the end, it is tasted. If more than one person is played, of course the challenge wins , whoever manages to finish all the drink. Pickles, anchovies, milk, fizzy drinks, jams, honey, olives, spreadable cheeses, chocolate, spices, mustard, onion, banana… it can really end up in the blender and it’s not cool!
  10. Oreo Challenge : if you don’t love risk too much, better devote yourself to cookies. Blindfold yourself and taste different types of Oreos or similar. The competition is in guessing what you are eating. The same thing can be done with wafers or with ice cream. Another version of the Oreo Challenge involves devouring a large amount of these cookies in a set amount of time. Then there is the acrobatic variant : can you move an Oreo from the forehead to the mouth simply by moving the muscles of the face?
  11. Gallon Challenge : also called Milk Challenge or  Milk Chugging , it is one of the most famous and longest-lived, thanks also to an episode of the Jackass TV program . It consists of drinking one US gallon (about 4.5 liters) of milk in an hour and, above all, keeping it for another hour. This second stage is the most difficult because most people vomit due to three components found in milk: calcium, lactose and casein. All three, ingested in large quantities, disturb the balance of our organism which can only react, expelling what has caused all this turmoil.
  12. The Banana + Sprite Challenge : same final risk but with different foods. Could you quickly eat two or more bananas and then drink a can of Sprite without throwing up? The difficulty is our stomach which is unable to assimilate large quantities of food and liquids in such a short time. Thus, the Youtubers who dedicate themselves to this challenge immediately warn, at the beginning of the video, not to repeat the experiment at home and present themselves with two large bowls under the chin. Don’t worry, we will not imitate you!

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