11 cooking shows you can follow on social media now

11 cooking shows you can follow on social media now

While the whole population is at home, Italian chefs make direct on Instagram and Facebook showing how to make their recipes to replicate.

Forced at home by the Coronavirus emergency, chefs and TV personalities are unable to stay away from their beloved cookers despite the lockdown of their restaurants. Outside the kitchens and without a program in which to vent the sacred fire between pots and cameras, they console themselves with live coverage on social profiles in which they propose their favorite recipes and have fun conversing with the public. For some it is an occasional diversion, for others a fixed appointment that has all the credentials to become, perhaps at the end of the emergency, a new TV format.


  1. Massimo Bottura is confirmed as a number one also with the video program, directly from home, in times of Covid-19. The name of the daily strip is already a whole program: Kitchen Quarantine . The appointment is every day at 20 on Instagram. To have the idea Alexa, the daughter of the chef who is also a videomaker. The beauty of the program is that from time to time Bottura is joined by his wife Lara and his son Charlie. “ What we want to do – commented the chef – is to share with the public how we are together indoors, doing what the emergency has taken away from us ”.
  2. Antonino Cannavacciuolo , protagonist in these days of Family Food Fight: the new Sky cooking show conducted together with Joe and Lidia Bastianich, dispenses recipes on his Instagram profile under the sign of #iocucinoacasa. Do not miss his very personal version of the Neapolitan ragù. No direct social media but a link to his website to cook as Antonino commands.
  3. Bruno Barbieri . Once the star chef and the judge of Masterchef have stopped (for now), Bruno Barbieri presents himself on video in a very informal way: a simple t-shirt or at most a sweater. His social recipes shared every day on his Facebook profile are made in a kitchen of mere mortals , far from the glossy ones of magazines and TV. To enhance the normality of staying at home in extraordinary times like the ones we are experiencing even if we are faced with a character of the caliber of Barbieri.
  4. Gordon Ramsay . With the attitude that characterizes him both when he is in the kitchen and when he participates in his beloved marathons, Gordon Ramsay continues to post his recipes on social media to deceive the #Stayhome, alternating them with videos with family members such as the ballet that appeared on Tik Tok in these days or the tutorial of how to wash your hands. The superchef from across the Channel thus deceives time, waiting to reopen his restaurants and return to TV.
  5. Antonello Colonna . The cry of #iocucinoacasa could not miss the recipe of cacio e pepe, one of the fundamental dishes of the Roman tradition. The chef and TV personality Antonello Colonna () to post the recipe on his Facebook profile while waiting to return to appreciate his cuisine in Rome. After all, what could be better than a nice plate of pasta to fight the loneliness and sadness of these long, interminable days within four walls.
  6. Andrea Berton . For now, the restaurant that bears his name in Milan is closed, the starred Andrea Berton does not let his fans walk away with express recipes such as datterini sauce for pasta or artichokes. Truly proposals for every day, proof of the most clumsy cook.
  7. Claudio Sadler . The chef and patron of Ristorante Sadler and Chic’n Quick – Trattoria Moderna Milano entrusts the recipes to try at home to his Instagram profile. Claudio Sadler focuses on one of the easiest desserts, apparently, perfect for a home snack: apple strudel. A dessert that shows the stars from all points of view.
  8. Milan Keeps on Cooking . An initiative born on social media and which is involving the most important chefs in Milan. This is Milan Keeps on cooking: a way to support Milanese catering and the fight against Covid-19. All the cooks are ready to put on an apron and a recipe every day to help raise funds for the Sacco Hospital. When cooking also means doing good.
  9. Sasà Martucci does not give up shovel and oven even in quarantine periods. While the I Masanielli pizzeria in Caserta is closed, on its Facebook page it offers pan pizza, the round version and other practical recipes, also thinking about celiacs.
  10. Francesco Martucci . The Boss of I Masanielli, Francesco Martucci instead posts two recipes on his social networks: the Futuro di Marinara and a version of the Mani di Velluto in a pan.
  11. Luisanna Messeri . Every day at 5.30 pm from her Facebook page, the pop cook of TV Luisanna Messeri is live to tell easy recipes and give smiles. He prepares dishes and dispenses advice in his kitchen in Mugello under the good-natured gaze of Pellegrino Artusi to whom he has dedicated his latest book .

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