10 reasons why Roma Bar Show is the event you’ve been waiting for

10 reasons why Roma Bar Show is the event you’ve been waiting for

Roma Bar Show is the first edition of the international event entirely dedicated to the world of beverage: that’s why you should go there.

Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September make sure you are at the Eur Congress Center. From 10 to 21 there is in fact the first, highly anticipated, edition of the Roma Bar Show , the international event entirely dedicated to the world of beverage .Masterclasses, talks and conferences with the best bartenders for the first edition of Roma Bar ShowThere will be masterclasses, there will be talks and there will be conferences. But there will also be – and above all – liqueurs, wines, spirits, beer, spirits, along with the best bartenders. And you can’t lose it. If this were not enough to make you set an alarm clock, if the beverage world still fails to convince you, you are forcing us to offer you at least 10 other reasons to schedule these two dates .


  1. Rome. He could only deserve the first place. Rome at the center of the international bartendering and mixology scene. Rome of  great beauty  that becomes the background and integral part of a central and unparalleled event dedicated to all possible variations of beverage. Have we already convinced you?
  2. Food pairing: street food. It’s not like you can drink without eating! And so we at Agrodolce have selected for you some realities of our local cuisine, which will be present with a series of food trucks . Honoring the capital there will be Pizza Pig , with its hot stuffed Roman pizza, and Gricia Road , with traditional Lazio first courses in a street food version. Then La Panella , with the specialties of Sicilian cuisine, the meatballs all the flavors of Pret-a-polpett and the slowly smoked meat of Mr Doyle .
  3. The centenary of the Negroni. What party is it without a birthday boy? For the occasion, you can toast to the hundredth anniversary of the Negroni. The famous cocktail, born in Florence in 1919 with its third of gin, its third of Campari and its third of red vermouth will be revisited for the occasion in the interpretations of the most representative Italian bartenders.
  4. All gin. Given the success of recent times, an area of ​​over 300 square meters will be dedicated to gin , organized by the experts of ilGin.it, an online portal that is a point of reference in our country. Producers and distributors, both from Italy and abroad, will offer their best juniper spirits here. While some brands can also be tasted exclusively at the Gin Lounge Bar , where expert bartenders will create ad hoc Gin Tonic using the available gin. There is also an Adotta un Gin corner , made available to producers looking for importers and distributors in Italy. And there are seminars , cooking shows, presentations and live performances .
  5. You take a trip to Mexico while staying in Rome. Brush up on your language because there is an area dedicated to the traditions of Mexican spirits . The Mexico Village is an area where producers, companies and products (distributed in Europe and beyond) find space and visibility. There are Tequila and Mezcal but also the less known Sotol, Bacanora, Rum, Pox , syrups and much more. And to enhance them better there is a real Mexican-style cocktail bar. Behind the counter, the guest bartenders of various realities on the international scene, such as Limantour Bar in Mexico City, La Mezcaleria in Paris, El Copitas in Saint Petersburg.
  6. Yes, there is also beer. Rest assured, you will be able to bring even the least convinced friend. Because there are local, craft and international beers . And you too will discover how even this product, which is gaining ground in Italy, can find space in the world of mixing.
  7. And the coffee.  From espresso coffee to cocktails to coffee Roma Bar Show pays attention to new market trends, will pay particular attention to the world of coffee offering, in addition to the more traditional drink, a series of suggestions on how to integrate this precious product with the products of the world of mixology.
  8. No, it is not mandatory to stay at Eur.  Roma Bar Show also includes an Fuori Salone that will see the whole city as the protagonist starting from Sunday 22 . The international guest bartenders will alternate behind the counters of Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, La Punta Expendio de Agave, Freni e Frizioni, Hotel Locarno, Drink Kong, Aquaroof Terrazza Molinari of the First Hotel, Argot, Club Derrière, Banana Republic, Baccano, Metropolita, Chorus Cafè and many others. The cocktail bars, historic cafes, bars and roof tops will open their doors with dedicated menus in collaboration with the brands involved. The itinerary , which is easy to follow, will be entirely downloadable on a map who will guide you in the off-lounge and will tell you what you will find in each club belonging to the circuit.
  9. You can buy liquor and spirits. Inside the Bar Show you will find a real retail liquor and spirits shop for consumers and professionals. It is a point of reference for companies for the sale of products, but also an opportunity for all of you visitors, to take home one or more products tasted on the occasion of the two-day event and make a great impression with friends.
  10. You just need one ticket for everything. For all the things we have said so far, you only need one ticket. You can choose between the one for one day only (20 euros + commission), or choose the formula valid for two days, which will save you some money: the two days ticket, in fact, costs 30 euros + commission.

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