10 foods to combat back-to-office stress

10 foods to combat back-to-office stress

Returning to the office after the holidays is often a cause for stress: we recommend 10 foods capable of making you produce more serotonin than others.

“ Summer is ending ”, Righeira sang, and for those who have returned to their respective desks, this truth weighs more than ever. Rogue nostalgia grips us. We dream of friselle with tomato eaten on the Salento beaches or canederli with butter and Trentingrana .we must take tryptophan to fill up with serotoninBut food can be the key to overcoming this very difficult moment. According to nutrition biologist Dr. Silvia Grevi , “ serotonin, commonly known as the happiness hormone, is produced by our central nervous system and the gastrointestinal system. Its synthesis starts from tryptophan, an essential amino acid that as such our body is unable to produce: this is why we must take it through food “. But above all: what we eat affects our mind . The nutrition biologist Dr. Monica Zago explains that precisely for this reason it is important to know the foods that, thanks to their properties, ” give us a full energy and put us in a good mood“. So here are the 10 foods of happiness not to miss when returning to work .


  1. lasagna BologneseLasagna . Happiness isn’t always ” a glass of wine with a sandwich “, but carbohydrates can help us overcome back-to-work stress. According to a study conducted by The Fork and comforted by our direct experience, lasagna cannot be missing from the list of comfort food. It makes us think of our mother and in addition gives us a lot of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. Pick your favorite from our recipes .
  2. Pasta . It is one of the most loved dishes by Italians. After a trip, spaghetti with tomato sauce immediately makes you feel at home. And if we talk about fresh pasta , the cuddle based on water and flour, the magic is complete. And then also here you are full of carbohydrates and therefore of tryptophan. Unleash your imagination with these regional variations.
  3. Pizza . Smile carbs would be incomplete without pizza. Roman, Neapolitan, gourmet: it doesn’t matter what your favorite is, but in the round disc of seasoned pasta you will find all the comfort you need to get through a hard day.
  4. Chocolate . Who would dare deny the link between chocolate and happiness? The fruit of the processing of cocoa beans is rich in antioxidants (therefore it keeps us young) and in tryptophan (which helps us to be happier). But the reasons for consuming chocolate are many: here we suggest some of them. There are chefs who have put chocolate at the center of their kitchen, as happens at Fondente, in Santa Maria degli Angeli, in the province of Perugia.
  5. Fried . Enemy of the diet, fried food is an exception to the rule capable of making us feel good again. Some dishes, such as cream , if fried, improve . Our brain welcomes fatty and sweet foods because they are the ones with the most calories and therefore more suitable – once! – to survival. Fried has both of these characteristics: it is sweet and fatty. And so we like it.
  6. Meatballs . Whether they are meat, fish or vegetable, meatballs are another ancestral call to maternal pampering. In addition, in some cases, they can be prepared in a way that is not a threat to health.
  7. Tiramisu . The name already says it, this dessert is made to lift our spirits. All its ingredients help to refresh the body and spirit, from coffee to mascarpone cream. Who can resist a slice of this succulent dessert? Throw yourself into the discovery of the debated origins of tiramisu , trying the Venetian and Treviso versions.
  8. Hamburger . Here are the proteins, the smell of the meat, the soft bread, the sauces and the chips (fried, of course). The American comfort food par excellence in Italy becomes gourmet. Here then we recommend the 27 best burgers in the world .
  9. Pancake . Pancake is a universal food. There are at least twenty different versions around the world . The latest trend that has infected the West from Japan is that of Japanese pancakes , which are taller and fluffier. To complete the magic there is maple syrup or cream or ice cream. The perfect consolation to have at breakfast to get your energy boosted.
  10. Kimchi . This is not traditional comfort food. It is less well known than burgers and pancakes, but kimchi can do a lot of good for the body and soul. It is a Korean dish made from fermented vegetables and seafood, seasoned with chilli, ginger and other spices. There are numerous variations and Koreans love it, convinced that it helps them get through the day. The truth is that fermented foods stimulate the production of serotonin and bacteria that help us keep the gut microbiota in shape, which is responsible for our health and mood.

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